WBE Groep is not just concerned with figures in the annual accounts. We greatly value a fair pricing system throughout the entire chain and work on this objective continually. The reason for this is that, within our vision, a transparent and realistic pricing is the most important condition for a successful and future-focused sector.

In addition, within our organization there is much attention to Corporate Social Responsibility. We feel closely involved with the regions where our suppliers are located and support a number of excellent local initiatives there.

In our own regions, for a number of years we have been the sponsor of various local sports associations, we facilitate a wide spectrum of small-scale activities and we also like to take social responsibility for them.

Finally, we associate our name with a number of large national and international charities, such as the KWF Dutch Cancer Society and Oxfam Novib.


Ride for the Roses

The Ride for the Roses, a cycle tour of 100 kilometres and two pleasure trips of 25 and 50 kilometres, is an event in the fight against cancer. We are actively taking part in this with a large group. The Ride for the Roses is meanwhile a household name in the Dutch cycling world.



Cancer affects all of us, with one in three Dutch people getting cancer during their lives. Less cancer means less treatment and a better quality of life for cancer patients. That is the objective of the KWF Dutch Cancer Society.


Oxfam Novib

Oxfam Novib is determined to rid the world of poverty and injustice. People can build up an independent existence without poverty, provided that their rights are respected. Oxfam Novib combines the efforts of people to fight poverty. This is why projects are supported by local partner organizations that are familiar with the problems and needs of the people in their country.