Consumers increasingly choose consciously for fair trade products. Good examples are Max Havelaar, Fair Trade and various other quality labels. This is not only happening with clothing and food, but also with floricultural products (flowers, plants and decoration greens) a more conscious choice is often made. The demand for sustainability is growing. WBE can’t sit back and wants to take a leading role. To accomplish this WBE is working closely together with a number of suppliers/growers to guarantee a wide range of fair, sustainable products.

As wholesaler, WBE can realize sustainability through various certifications. This is what we are currently doing. These certificates show that products are durable. More Profitable Sustainability (MPS) is one of these certifications. MPS is a business to business tool that guarantees sustainability. On our tab sustainable, we will take you on our journey towards sustainability. We will inform you in detail through blog posts about the different aspects of sustainability and the choices we make.


Salal plukken Mt. St. Helens Evergreens