About us

Collaboration is the basis

The greenery specialists within the WBE Groep guarantee a complete and high-quality total package of ornamental plant products.

Since WBE was set up in 1977, the company has developed into the market leader in decorative greenery, with branches in Naaldwijk, Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Herongen, Germany. Furthermore, WBE Group has interests in Javado (plants) and Van Duyvenvoorde (flowers and plants). So a versatile collaboration within a professional group!

Within the collaboration between the various branches and companies, the philosophy with which Jaap and Ineke Beets set up WBE almost 40 years ago, still forms the guideline and source of inspiration: collaboration is always the basis.


Foundation for succes

The foundation for the success of WBE Group lies in the excellent collaboration between our various companies. The companies in question obtain large synergy advantages, for example by collectively setting up a professional IT department with its own IT employees. In this way, WBE Group creates an interesting and competitive advantage. Whereas small companies cannot have this expertise available in-house, the size of the WBE Group does indeed offer this possibility. As a result of this, we can realize state-of-the-art solutions, which result in a more adequate and more efficient provision of services.

WBE Group together supplies to a large and varied customer database. From a small retailer to an international exporter and from a garden centre in another country to a local wholesaler. Each autonomous company has its own strengths and character, so you will always find a supplier within the group that fits with your sales market, management and vision.

Since the companies operate independently, each one of them is an effective company which guarantees a personal approach. The cohesion and scale behind the scenes of the group offers you the necessary advantages, while you benefit in the daily practice from the small scale of the individual companies.